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Les Edwards


This is quite an old piece and no one here can recall who commissioned it or where it was published. It looks to me as though it might have been done for a magazine but that's a guess really. If you happen to know what it was for please let me know.

Thanks to Andy and Joey who both found this image on The Movie Treasury-Monsters and Vampires by Alan Frank. Val also discovered it on a French book cover but we still don't know what the original commission was. Keep watching the skies.

Steve Upham of Screaming Dreams reminded me that this image had been used as interior artwork for The Dracula Collection, published by Octopus in 1981. This sent Val rummaging through old paperwork and she found that this painting was an early personal piece. According to her records she sold it twice to France, once to Germany and twice to Octopus in the UK. Problem solved. Thanks to everyone who helped out.

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  • Original size
    14 x 14 inches
  • Medium
    Gouache on board
  • Rights available
  • Original artwork
  • Copyright
    © Les Edwards 1970, All Rights Reserved

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