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Les Edwards

Shudder Again

Penguin paperback cover for an anthology of "22 more tales of sex and horror", edited by Michele Slung.

Tales of Sex and Horror eh? As the first book had a woman on the front the publishers naturally wanted a man on the second. My first pencil drawing had the skeletal hand with a bony finger on the man's lips but it was decided that this departed too much from the first cover so I altered things to the way you see them. I spent a long time trying to get the hand to look natural. About two days after I delivered the final artwork I found, by chance, a plastic model of the bones of the hand which would have made perfect reference. Sod's law!

See the sketch in the Prelims Gallery.

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The original artwork is available for £600. Please contact Les for alternative currencies and a shipping quote.

  • Original size
    13 x 17.5 inches
  • Medium
    Oils on board

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    © Les Edwards 2000, All Rights Reserved

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